Kevin Raymundo is a visual artist and animator. He is the creator of the comics Tarantadong Kalbo, which uses simple illustrations and pop culture references and personalities to feature commentaries and make necessary noise on current events and social issues. Look for his misadventures on Tarantadong Kalbo’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

The title of the comic strip is “Inuman Sessions: Fake News.” The comic starts with our characters seated with bottles of beer and pulutan on the table. The three characters are all males: one with long hair, one who is bald or kalbo, and another in sando and crewcut hair. 

One of the characters shows his phone and exclaims that Sarah Elabyu is a terrorist. Kalbo replies saying that the post is fake news. The person showing the phone asks: “How do you determine that the post is fake news?” 

The panel shows a close-up of the post of Sarah Elabyu, with text around the image stating she is an NPA recruiter and “Dalawang Mukha ni Sarah Elabyu: Ang inyong mga anak ay hindi niyo mga anak.” 

Kalbo explains the quote used in the post is from Dekada 70. He also mentions that you need to look first at the photo, which usually is not in good quality. Next, he says to check the font as fake news posts usually use Comic Sans or fonts used in birthday greetings. The long-haired character then explains that for fake news posts usually there is an obsession with primary colors, and photos are edited using drop shadow. 

“But what about pages that are critical of the government and uses memes to make us laugh?” crewcut character asked. Kalbo said that those are considered satire and they are reactions to news through a sarcastic manner. This is also why everyone should use critical thinking in consuming media, so that we don’t get misinformed. 

Character with long hair says that this is why he only looks at Kalbo’s page for news. Kalbo remarked he is a comic artist, not a news outlet. The other friend joked that long hair dude also keeps commenting that “he doesn’t get it” or asks what’s the context. The long hair dude then said “That’s fake news. I don’t ask in that way, that’s for titos. Let’s go with how the young ones ask:”

“Sauce please!” and all three characters laugh.