Liza Garcia
Executive Director
email: lgarcia [at] fma [dot] ph

Lisa specialises in women’s rights and ICT. She has an undergraduate degree in Sociology from the University of the Philippines, a Masters degree in International Relations from the Kiev State University and an MA in Women and Development Studies from the University of the Philippines. Prior to joining FMA, Lisa worked for an NGO focused on women and migration. She is currently a member of the Board of the Centre for Migrant Advocacy (CMA), a Philippine-based NGO working for the rights of all migrants and members of their families. She is also co-moderator of the Dynamic Coalition on Gender at the IGF.

Jamael Jacob

Legal and Policy Advisor / Coordinator, Privacy
email: jjacob [at] fma [dot] ph

Jam is a lawyer by profession specialising in ICT, law, and human rights. He has been engaged in data privacy work since 2011. He is currently the Director of the University Data Protection Office of the Ateneo de Manila University, and works as a consultant on data protection to various other organisations in both the public and private sectors. He was previously the OIC-Director of the Privacy Policy Office of the National Privacy Commission, where he was directly involved in the development of most agency issuances during his stay. He has degrees in Sociology and Law from the University of the Philippines, and a postgraduate degree in Human Rights Law from the University of Auckland. In 2015, he also took up the Summer Course on US-EU Privacy Law and Policy at the University of Amsterdam.

Christina Lopez
Program Officer, Gender and ICT
email: tlopez [at] fma [dot] ph

Christina is the Program Officer for Gender and ICT. She is a registered social worker and has been in practice since 2006.  She is committed to making social work known to those outside of the profession, while fostering pride among those engaged in it. Her resume includes many years of experience working with women, children, migrants, and the elderly, under the tutelage of community-based and non-government organisations. Her previous paid and volunteer work included positions in frontline programs, agency management, and social services governance.  At FMA, she participates in many conferences and mentoring opportunities to further hone her craft while studying advances in gender studies and internet governance.

Jessamine Pacis
Program Officer, Privacy
email: jpacis [at] fma [dot] ph

Jess is FMA’s Program Officer for Privacy and Surveillance. She has an undergraduate degree in Broadcast Communication from the University of the Philippines and has a background in PR and academic and legal research. Her diverse work as a writer and marketer for various digital platforms has exposed her to the many ethical and legal issues revolving around the nexus of ICT and human rights.

Bernice Soriano
Project Coordinator, Initiative for Media Freedom
email: bsoriano [at] fma [dot] ph

Bernice is the Project Coordinator for the Initiative for Media Freedom at FMA. She has an undergraduate degree in Comparative Literature from the University of the Philippines. Bernice has over 10 years of experience as a project manager: From development work on the urban poor, informal settlers and housing sector with the World Bank to digital marketing campaigns, content creation and customer evidence program management for technology companies such as Microsoft, Citrix and Twitter. Her mission is to get things done on time, within budget, and with a smile. 

Irene Zerrudo
Administrative and Finance Officer