FMA’s Privacy Program works to advocate the right to privacy of citizens, which includes the right against unlawful surveillance. FMA conducts research and monitors policy developments related to privacy rights not only in the Philippines, but in a global context as well.

Privacy rights

The Philippines has emerged as one of the biggest users of mobile and internet in Southeast Asia. In this era of increased connectivity, policies and regulating bodies on communication technologies are critical.

In the age of big data, the need for multistakeholder engagement has never been more urgent, especially when technological advancements overtake the development of human rights, such as the right to privacy.

FMA regularly holds privacy and digital safety workshops for CSOs in this regard, and writes State of Privacy reports mapping out the political and legal framework of privacy issues in the Philippines. It has also taken a strong stand on issues such as the national ID system and government data leaks, and continues to engage government and civil society stakeholders to influence privacy law- and policy-making processes.