Cybersecurity Awareness Month may not be everyone’s favorite holiday but for civil society organizations, the cybersecurity industry, and digital rights advocates, it can inspire the same love-hate relationship that most people have. 

Over the years, the Foundation for Media Alternatives has been educating communities by creating online spaces. Check our Basic Digital Security Module for your guidance.

Check  the latest scoop on Digital Safety and Security in the Philippines:

What we gather this month:
Reports of various forms of gender-based violence continued. How responsive are laws in the Philippines? Are there instances in which we need to rethink about how we deal with gender and ICT?

Press Freedom is an integral part of freedom of expression. 

Latest Scoops on Surveillance, Privacy, and Data Protection

Artificial Intelligence, Disinformation & Censorship

More Digital Safety & Security Tips

Government initiatives. The government rolled out initiatives to surface nuances on women’s rights in the digital environment

Tech for Good or Bad? Technology is neither good nor bad—the use to which it is put makes the difference.

Connect-Your-Rights.  Internet rights are economic, social, and cultural rights

Beyond the Philippines


We welcome content submissions for our online resource hub from our fellow readers and Southeast Asia partners who are advocating for women’s rights, sexuality, sexual rights and internet rights issues. 
We count on you to help us monitor the current developments and wish to be included in our resources section. You are free to contribute in the language of your choice.

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