The 16th of June is International Domestic Workers’ Day and marks the eight year anniversary of the International Labour Organisation’s Convention 189 on the rights of domestic workers (‘C-189’). This was a seminal date in the history of a sector marked by devaluation of work and a lack of labour rights.

We, at FMA, with support of the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and in collaboration with Center for Migrant Advocacy, Phils. Inc. (CMA), Canada’s Foreign Policy—Global Affairs Canada (GAC), and Alternatives, have launched a new podcast: “One Foot In The Grave: Filipina Domestic Workers and Digital Resistance in Saudi Arabia.”

This podcast special follows the stories of four Filipina domestic workers in Saudi Arabia, their experiences abroad, and their everyday acts of resistance. Their stories aren’t isolated incidents — we zoom out to look at the bigger, global forces shaping their daily lives. Finally, we look at social media and the internet as new avenues for domestic workers to find support, resistance, and build community even while isolated as a worker abroad.

To listen to the podcast, please visit this link. Or listen to it here:



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