On February 14, 2013 the One Billion Rising campaign was launched globally as a global day of action, and dancing, to protest against violence against women.

It was a call for one billion women and all the men who love them to walk out of their offices, homes, and schools, to strike, rise, and dance. The Philippines was one of the countries that participated in the said protest action. Women and human rights activists took to the streets to march and dance to raise awareness on the issue.

The World March of Women Philippines was one of the groups that conducted a flash mob, where women literally stopped the traffic as they danced on the streets, to raise awareness on the issue of VAW. As it was Valentine’s Day, red T-shirts bearing the slogan “Love is … freedom from violence” were worn by the women.

The shirts have since been worn by the women in many other mobilization campaigns to end gender-based violence. 




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