In June 1994, the second volume of HERsay magazine was published. HERsay was a biannual publication of the Women’s Legal Bureau, Inc. (now Women’s Legal and Human Rights Bureau). WLB was organized in November 1990 as a feminist legal resource non-governmental organization that offers services including legal assistance to women and women’s groups in gender-related cases.

The title HERsay comes from the word “hearsay,” which because of its association with loose talk among women was meant to represent “women’s viewpoint — a reclaiming of the truth in hearsay.”

HERsay Volume II included articles on the women of the Left, a reconceptualization of human rights to include women’s rights and reflect the realities of women, the implications of the Family Code on women and children, the International Women’s Rights Convention, as well as a firsthand account of one woman’s  experience of domestic violence.

WLB also published other materials on violence against women, such as the Ale komiks, cassette tapes on the topics of rape, incest, domestic violence, and sexual harassment. The group also published primers on woman battery (Pambubugbog sa Babae sa Loob ng Pamilya), the SIBOL anti-rape bill, violence against women, as well as legislative advocacy manuals for women and various position papers. They also published shadow reports on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women in 2006 and 2016.



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