DTI bats for mandatory gov’t local procurement
DTI is set to launch in the next few months the still unnamed e-commerce platform for all local micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) from which government agencies must source their supplies.

New Philippine Export Development Plan ready by next month
The next Philippine Export Development Plan is more aggressive, highlighting technology and stronger collaborations towards innovation, skills upgrading, and integration to help counter the negative impacts of issues such as red tape, supply chain disruptions, increasing business costs, climate change, and other challenges.

Mobile users turn to telehealth in PH
KonsultaMD, Globe’s subscription-based 247 telemedicine service, reached more than one million members in 2021 while telehealth and medicine delivery provider, HealthNow, processed 20,000 medicinedelivery orders daily and administered over one million COVID-19 vaccines.

Could blockchain-based insurance solve agricultural pains in the Philippines?

A regional insurtech firm with a mission to make insurance accessible and affordable for all through technology. It facilitates digital insurance underwritten by partner insurance companies and offered in partner distribution channels such as e-commerce platforms and mobile wallets.

Establish a digital enablement strategy for workers and MSMEs, group urges gov’t
The national government must craft and implement a digital enablement strategy in order to strengthen the knowledge and skills of Filipino workers and even the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the country.

WTO-GPA accession paramount for PHL’s Asia Pacific digital integration
THE Philippines’s accession to the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) and strengthening copyright enforcement are deemed to be “imperative,” as the country is poised for digital-trade integration with its Asia-Pacific neighbors.

Assessing Policy Impacts in Digital Services Trade: Implications for the Philippines
This paper examined these low-hanging fruits in terms of their effects on the digital services trade. It conducted a two-stage regression of the gravity model of trade using data from various sources. This allowed for the estimation of country-specific characteristics in the presence of three-way fixed effects. Results show that the low-hanging fruits generate heterogenous effects on digital services trade. 

Government must address its digital skills gaps

The pandemic presents a great opportunity for digital transformation. And we have seen a lot of organizations take advantage of it. For most businesses, it was the only option they saw to keep them afloat. For some, it was a matter of getting ahead of the competition. The lockdowns and the resulting business lull offered a way to finally get those long-postponed digitalization plans started. How did governments fare? What kept them from moving forward with their digitalization journey?

Congress to ramp up efforts for PHL’s digital transformation
SPEAKER Martin Romualdez on Friday assured the House of Representatives’ commitment to intensify efforts on providing legal framework for the country’s digital transformation necessary to foster economic recovery and spur growth.

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