Open Call for Participation Digital Security and Online Safety Training” 

May 24-26, 2017

Venue: TBA



Online gender-based violence has increased in the past few years and women of all ages are vulnerable. Further, with the change in Administration after the election of a new President, there seems to be a trend of suppression of online freedom of expression. For instance, there have been several reported cases of women human rights defenders who have been receiving abusive comments from trolls and bots, most especially if the comments posted by the women are critical of or against the Administration. The gravity of abusive and vitriolic messages online has sowed fear, has intimidated some women, and forced others to leave conversations on important issues. A healthy and robust democracy requires respect for freedom of speech but the very same freedom is being abused by some.


It is in this regard that FMA will be holding a 3-day digital security and online safety training workshop for twenty five (25) Filipino human rights/women’s rights defenders/advocates, and/or members of gender-based organizastions, civil society organizations and other stakeholders, to support their safety online.


About the training:


This training-workshop aims at equipping the participants with the skills and techniques necessary for staying safe online. One of the purposes of this training is to enable the participants to carry out similar workshop within their organizations and share the experience gained through their networks.


This call for participation is directed towards Filipino women human rights defenders/advocates, members of gender-based organizations, civil society organizations and other stakeholders who need a training on digital security and online privacy. This training will be held from 24 to 26 of May 2017 (venue to be announced later) to be led by FMA and invited digital security experts and human rights defenders. FMA will be providing travel/accommodation scholarships to 25 selected participants.


Please note that this training-workshop requires full commitment for 3 days, so all the participants will be required to dedicate their time during the entire duration of the training.


Further details on the program will be shared with the selected participants. If you wish to apply to participate in this training-workshop, please fill in the following information here on or before the May 12, 2017. Selected participants will be notified on May 17, 2017. For more details about the training, please get in touch with us at or genderandict


Who can apply?


FMA will support (25) women human rights defenders/advocates, LGBTQI activists, staff members of gender-based organizations, community leaders, media practitioners, privacy advocates, technologists and artists who work on the intersection of gender and ICT.


Please note that only one representative per organization can be supported.



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