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FMA releases the Digital Rights Report 2022
This edition of the Digital Rights Report from the Foundation for Media Alternatives documented the events, trends, and changes that had transpired in the digital space over the course of 2022. Building on the previous annual reports, this paper aims to offer a picture of the internet, both local and global and however torn apart by hate speech, disinformation disorder, and poor infrastructure, so Filipinos can come up with ways to move forward and build an equitable online space for all.

FMA releases a mid-year report on online gender-based violence in the Philippines
The Foundation for Media Alternatives (FMA) initiated an effort to map online gender-based violence (OGBV) cases in the Philippines in 2012; and as of June 2023, the organization has mapped 686 cases sourced from media reports, online correspondences from individuals, and personal narratives of victim-survivors from different communities across the country. 

FMA celebrates International Literacy Day, hopes for better digital literacy education among youth
In celebration of International Literacy Day, FMA reminds us to recognize the profound impact of literacy on individuals and communities worldwide. Literacy is beyond the ability to read and write; it is a gateway to knowledge, empowerment, and social progress.

Having access to education means having the chance to unlock opportunities and participate meaningfully in civic life. But in many parts of the world, accessing quality education remains a huge problem, leaving millions of children with poor basic literacy skills.

What we have gathered this month:
Reports of various forms of gender-based violence continued. How responsive are laws in the Philippines? Are there instances in which we need to rethink about how we deal with gender and ICT?

Press Freedom. Press freedom is an integral part of freedom of expression. 

Latest content about Deepfakes

Philippine Government Initiatives.  The government rolled out initiatives to surface nuances on women’s rights in the digital environment

Tech for Good or Bad? Technology is neither good nor bad—the use to which it is put makes the difference.

Connect-Your-Rights. Internet rights are economic, social, and cultural rights

Digital Safety & Security Tips

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