This year-end cybercrime and human rights report for 2021 (covering the period of July to December 2021) documents cybercrime cases and developments in the Cybercrime Prevention Act (CPA) and Anti-Terrorism Law (ATL) after the release of the midyear cybercrime and human rights report.

In this report, other notable observations related to cybercrime and human rights include: public officials and/or candidates employing cyberlibel cases or utilizing the CPA to restrict speech or actions they deem damaging to their reputation, with some seeking damages in millions; a widespread modus operandi involving cybersex and credit card fraud; and an alarming number of frauds perpetrated online (related to cybersecurity) as suspects continue to take advantage of internet transactions in a pandemic.

Publication date: April 2022

DOWNLOAD: Cybercrime and Human Rights Report (Yearend 2021)

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